Is Your Soulmate Out of Control?

Is your soulmate out of control? Has your relationship gotten completely out of control due to your soulmate?

It would be great if soulmates met and had smooth transitions from one relationship status to the next, but that is more rare than likely to happen. When soulmates meet, emotions and the connection take over, leaving us feeling a bit out of control. When trying to regain that control, things often spiral out of control.

Is Your Soulmate Out of Control?

Is Your Soulmate Out of Control?

Many soulmates are happy to experience the over the top emotions and depth of their connection. Others freak out because what they are experiencing scares them, and they have never felt like this before. This can lead to denial, running away, and/or acting out. It is these behaviors that cause a soulmate to behave as if they are out of control.

When a soulmate tries to deny their feelings or the connection, they do everything and everything to try to prove the opposite. They may cut their soulmate off from communication, social media, and out of their life entirely. They may say hurtful things, deny they have any feelings for their soulmate, or say that it is not requited.

An out of control soulmate may end the relationship abruptly and go back to an ex or start a new rebound relationship. This is extremely hurtful to the other soulmate, who in turn, may easily now go out of control themselves. They may not be able to stop thinking about their soulmate, and since these thoughts make them miserable, they feel unable to function. They may be losing sleep, not being able to focus on work, and not eating right.

They may also resort to out of control behavior themselves. They may stalk their soulmate endlessly on Facebook, leave nasty messages or texts, show up unannounced, or cause a scene in public. Soulmates have often remarked that at times their own behavior towards, or as a reaction to something, their soulmate did or said was a source of great embarrassment.

It only makes this worse when both soulmates are out of control. Although it is very difficult since soulmates have a connection and mirror each other, you have to keep control of your own emotions and behaviors. Being irrational and coming from a place of anger, hurt, or fear is not going to get you anywhere.

When a soulmate is out of control, distance really is the best thing. Until they get control of themselves and are in control of their feelings, thoughts, and lives, just leave them be. It may sound like a hard thing to do, but there will be less damage done if you don’t join them.

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