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Soulmate Breakup

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Can You Win Your Soulmate Back?

Can you win your soulmate back? Has your soulmate refused to speak to you because of an argument or disagreement? Have you done something to cause your soulmate to break up with you? Has your soulmate gone so deep into denial they cut off your relationship without any real warning? Is there a way you can win back your soulmate when they have turned their back on your connection, love, and relationship? There is no universal answer to this question.


There is no absolute way you can win your soulmate back. Some people think the more they do, and the harder they try, eventually their soulmate will return to them. Sorry folks, but that isn’t always true. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you can not win your soulmate back. Only they can decide to get back together with you. You cannot force them to. You cannot do or say that one thing that will set a light bulb off in their head if they are dead set against it. And God forbid you try to win them back with some sort of magical mumbo jumbo as that comes with severe karmic implications. Sometimes you just have to give them space and time. You have to give them the amount of time and space they need, not what you need.


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Can You Win Your Soulmate Back?

If you have done something really major, chances are you may have to give them a considerable amount of time before they will even be open to the idea. If you have done nothing, or they are using something stupid or small as an excuse, then at the moment nothing you can do or say can win your soulmate back. They are in runner mode. Just stand still and don’t bother trying to get them to return just now.


The more effort you expend trying to get your soulmate to return when they are running away, the faster and further they will run. You would only be making things worse and prolonging things if you try to win them back right now. They need to go it alone for the moment. Their emotions, not their logic, overtook them. They couldn’t handle their emotions, which created fear. Give them some time to let their emotions die down. Then the will think more clearly. Allow them get under control before you even think of having a serious conversation with them. Until they understand what they did, and why they did it, how can they help you understand it? How can they change it? They can’t. And if you try to hard to get answers from them, you will force them to lie and make stuff up because they don’t really know the answers.


If your soulmate is the one screwing your relationship up all the time, why would you bother trying to win them back? If they have another person in their life, or won’t step up to the plate, or keep breaking up with you or sabotaging your relationship, that is their mess to fix. They should be the one trying to win YOU back. And if you keep doing what they should be doing, your relationship is only headed for more problems down the road. If they broke it, let them fix it.


Don’t help them do their job and don’t make it easy on them. It was a piece of cake for them to screw things up, so let them put the same amount of time energy and effort into trying to win you back. You may want to win your soulmate back, and sometimes the timing isn’t right, or your soulmate isn’t open to it. You may want to win your soulmate back when they should be the one trying to win you over. It is times like these where the best thing you can do is nothing. Waiting may seem like a waste of time to you, but it is actually trying to win your soulmate back when they are resistant that is really the waste of your time.


Does Your Soulmate Want a Divorce?

Your soulmate asked you for a divorce and you can’t believe it. When you met your soulmate you knew deep down that this was the person you were going to spend the rest of your life with. You went through so much together. The good times were better than you could have imagined. The bad times were rough, but your soulmate connection helped keep you together. You thought there was nothing you and your soul\mate couldn’t get through. When you married your soulmate, you really believed in forever. You never could have imagined your soulmate would want a divorce. You didn’t see this coming. How did it ever come to this?


Soulmate Divorce

Does Your Soulmate Want a Divorce?


Has your soulmate lost his mind? Does your soulmate really want this divorce or will they snap out of it? Does divorce ever happen to soulmates?


Believe it or not, some soulmates do get divorced. Just because you married your soulmate does not mean your marriage is protected by some invisible source. We all, as humans, have free will, and your soulmate’s free will may have them seeking a divorce. Whether or not the divorce goes though or they change their mind at some point is another story all together. Sometimes, when marriages are going through a rough patch, even soulmates consider divorce. The strains of life, such as money, job loss or illness can be taken out on the marriage even though the marriage didn’t cause the strain.


Wanting to change ones life suddenly can make someone feel they must abandon the life they are currently living. That kind of thing can even happen in soulmate marriages. Your soulmate could be going through a mid-life crisis or something to that effect. The soulmate you knew and loved so well may now be acting like a completely different person. You may barely even recognize your soulmate and feel like you are living with a stranger. Will your soulmate snap out of this and come back to you? Or has your soulmate truly changed into this person that is alien to you? Sometimes, sadly, the soulmate seeks a new life journey and leaves their soulmate behind. Others do come to their senses and return, even after a divorce is final.


Your soulmate could want a divorce for all the wrong reasons. For instance, your soulmate could be on the wrong path, and have become an alcoholic. Their alcoholism could be causing major problems in your marriage. Your soulmate may want a divorce because you are against their constant drinking and the behavior that comes with it. Their disease can be so strong that even though they are your soulmate, they think it is easier to let you go than let go of the alcohol. Their alcohol addiction is why they want a divorce, not because you are no longer soulmates. In a case like this, you have let them hit rock bottom and seek help without you. You could enlist their friends and family to have an intervention, but your soulmate may not be ready to break their addiction. It is hard to watch your soulmate self destruct, but the choice to do so, unfortunately, is theirs.


Your sou mate may have found a new love interest and wants a divorce. (Yes, this even happens to soul mates). It could be coming from ego, complacency, age, so many things. This is one of the toughest things for soulmates to go through. So what should you do when your soulmate wants a divorce? Should you give in and make it easy on them? Should you fight your soulmate and make it very difficult for them to divorce you? It depends on the soulmate couple and what is best for them in the long run. Each situation is different. Let yourself get over the initial shock of the impending divorce. Then try to come from a place of logic and try to keep your emotions in check. Although your soulmate has free will, you don’t have to go along with it. You have free will too, and if you want to fight for your marriage, then that is your choice.

10 Reasons to End Your Soulmate Relationship

Many people believe a soulmate relationship is everlasting and that they will stay together. They believe the connection between soulmates cannot be broken. There should be no reason to ever end a soulmate relationship, right? Soulmates are destined to be together forever, aren’t they? What could possibly be a good reason to end a soulmate relationship? Since it took so long to find our soulmate, why on earth would we let them go? How could that you both in the long run? Sometimes it may actually be necessary to end a soulmate relationship.


 10 Reasons to End Your Soulmate Relationship


1. If your soulmate has another relationship they won’t end, it may be time to end yours. Your soulmate connection is supposed to enable you to leave bad situations. This works the opposite for some soulmates, however, and actually enables them to stay in a bad situation. This is not honoring your soulmate connection. It may be up to you to put your foot down and let go of your soulmate for a while to allow the other relationship to run its course. Then your soulmate can come back to you single and without the excess baggage of another relationship. Let’s face it, the drama of the other relationship cause friction and problems between the two of you anyway.


2. If your soulmate has pulled a runner and won’t see you or communicate with you, it may be wise to let the relationship end for now. That does not mean they will not return. Chasing them may actually have an adverse affect. You may need to let go of your soulmate for now until they are ready, willing and able to engage in a relationship with you again.


ending soulmate relationshiop

10 Reasons to End Your Soulmate Relationship

3. If your soulmate comes and goes and your relationship is on again off again, it may be time for you to end the relationship. You don’t want or need an on again off again relationship. Your soulmate, for whatever reason, does. Stop being a part of the relationship that they want. Until you do, you may never get the type of relationship that you want.


4. If your soulmate is addicted to alcohol, pills or whatever and it is affecting your relationship, it is time to end it. You can’t make a relationship work under those conditions. They only thing you are doing is allowing bad behavioral patterns to cement themselves within your relationship. Then, even if they do conquer their addiction, the bad behaviors remain. Walk away and end your soulmate relationship until they seek help for their addiction.


5. If your soulmate keeps sabotaging your relationship, it may be time to end it. If your soulmate picks fights with you all the time and makes every little problem bigger than it should be, end it. Putting some space between both of you make give your soulmate the wake up call they  need. They are abusing you and the relationship and they need to have a healthy fear that if they don’t knock it off it will end.


6. If your soulmate has a toxic relationship with his friends or family, you may need to end your soulmate relationship. If their influence is making your relationship toxic, you need to step back. Your soulmate needs to get some control over his relationship with his family and friends. Until then, they will keep damaging your soulmate relationship.


7. If your soulmate won’t commit to you or give your relationship a fair chance, it may be time to end it. Your soulmate may keep saying they are not ready for a relationship. They may be seeing other people and won’t be monogamous. This is keeping you from building a real relationship with them. Your soulmate may be doing this only because you are putting up with it. It may be time for you to call their bluff and end your soulmate relationship.


8. If your soulmate refuses to open up about his emotions, the time might be right to end your relationship. They may be treating you like a booty call or friends with benefits. They may swear up and down they don’t feel the same way about you that you feel about them. You may know deep down that it’s a lie because you can feel the connection. Ending your soulmate relationship may be the only thing you can do to get them to admit their true feelings for you.


9. If your soulmate won’t let your relationship go to the next level it may be time to call it quits for now. The only way for them to get over their fears of getting more serious could be the chance they will lose you for good. If you have been waiting and waiting for a more serious relationship, it might be a good time to give them an ultimatum and follow through with it.


10. If your soulmate relationship isn’t really working and is too complicated and dysfunctional, bow out. If you feel you have done all you can it may be time to walk away. You don’t have to end it forever, just until they are willing to put in the effort to allow the relationship to work. You cannot do it all by yourself.


Although soulmate connections may last forever, soulmate relationships don’t. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself and the relationship is to end it. A permanent ending to a dysfunctional soulmate relationship clears the way for the two of you to rebuild a new healthy relationship with one another.


Soulmate Heartbreak

Soulmates come with a deep connection, a feeling of familiarity and emotional bonds. Many soulmate relationships, however, can end in soulmate heartbreak. Although the soulmate bond never truly breaks, the heart often does. Soulmates may be on the same page in numerous ways. They may like the same things, think the same way and even feel the same way. Quite often though soulmates are not on the same page when it comes to the relationship itself. While one soulmate partner may be ready to run off into the sunset holding hands, the other may want to run away and flee the country alone. When you finally meet your soulmate you feel elated happiness but when they feel different about the relationship you experience soulmate heartbreak. You may believe a soulmate relationship is drama free and filled with romance and compatibility. When you learn the truth about soulmate relationships, you may find yourself heartbroken because not all soulmate relationships are meant to last.

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Soulmate Heartbreak

Soulmate relationships go through many ups and downs. The highs are high and the lows are low. It is not surprising soulmate relationships end, although many only temporarily. The difficulties of the relationship often make soulmates work against one another, not with one another. When soulmates are on opposing teams, you can rest assured at least one of them suffers from soulmate heartbreak.

The strength of the bond between them and the constant push/pull can make one feel emotionally or mentally unstable. They think they know the right way to handle conflicts or opposing viewpoints but emotions override any sort of logic to deal with the situation. When emotions are doing your thinking for you the decisions you make are rarely the right ones. The love between soulmate is like nothing they have ever experienced before. The reverse is also true. When a soulmate hurts their partner the soulmate heartbreak is also like nothing experienced before.

Are you heartbroken over a soulmate relationship? Has your soulmate cut off all communication between the two of you? Has your soulmate ended your relationship for no good reason? Is your soulmate in a state of denial? Is your soulmate back with their ex? Has your soulmate left you for someone else? Is your soulmate treating you badly and disrespectfully? Is your soulmate married to someone else? Do you feel as though you have lost your soulmate relationship forever?

Feeling soulmate heartbreak over any of those scenarios is understandable. But do not lose all hope. Just as the bad times between soulmates go to the extremes, so do the good times. A soulmate relationship can turn on a dime. It can go from perfection to a horror show at a moment’s notice but the same can happen in reverse. We have dealt with many clients whose soulmate relationships seemed hopeless. They couldn’t understand how it could be fixed or why it could be fixed. But that is the magic of the soulmate connection. All they need is a simple exchange to get the ball rolling in the other direction. If you have found yourself suffering from soulmate heartbreak, understand it may only be a temporary situation.

Soulmate Abandonment Issues

In soulmate relationships, emotions as well as fears can run higher than normal. At times, almost every emotion felt between soulmates seems to go to the extreme, if not all the time. When soulmates love, they love deeply; when soulmates fight, it can be extreme. This is especially true if they have failed to learn the life lessons they have agreed to learn. This also applies to their fears and insecurities. If you or your soulmate has abandonment issues, they will most likely make a negative impact on the relationship. The progression of the relationship may slow to a crawl or come to a complete standstill if abandonment fears and issues are not addressed and dealt with.


People with abandonment issues fear their romantic partner will end the relationship. Because of this fear, they often shy away from relationships completely. They may date a lot of people, but they don’t allow anyone to get too close. If someone meets a soulmate who keeps them at arm’s length, they could very well have abandonment issues. Even though it is difficult for soulmates to stay away from one another those with abandonment issues find a way to create space between themselves and their soulmate out of necessity.


Soulmate Abandonment Issues

Soulmate Abandonment Issues

Usually when someone has abandonment issues they have been abandoned. They remember the pain of abandonment and will do everything in their power not to experience it again. When they encounter a soulmate and feel the intense emotions they are terrified. Instead of looking at those emotions in a positive way, their perception is a negative one. They realize they have feelings for someone in a way never before experienced. But they also see there is a potential to be hurt in a way never felt before. Quite often, their fear is so strong they run for the hills. They do whatever they can to avoid the soulmate connection and potential emotional trauma that could come with future abandonment. They will deny the connection exists and that the feelings exist. When your soulmate has abandonment issues you may feel as though the connection is all in your mind since they deny the way they feel about you. You may think you are the only one with those feelings.


Not all people with abandonment issues are single and soulmates may already be in relationships prior to meeting. Does that mean they don’t have abandonment issues? No, it does not. Some folks with abandonment issues get involved in relationships where they cannot be hurt often choosing someone who makes them feel safe. The choose someone without a powerful soulmate connection even though the other person may have stronger feelings for them. They are in the position of power and have no fear of being dumped. If their partner did dump them, they would not be hurt since they don’t care about them. It would be a blow to the ego but not to the heart itself.


On the other hand, a soulmate can hurt them and they will fear losing that soulmate connection. So now the soulmate is at a crossroads. Do they give up the safety of their prior relationship and run the risk of getting hurt by a strongly connected intimate partnership? That is a leap of faith many people in this situation are afraid to take. Their fear is genuine, and they may not be willing to put themselves at risk like that. But, of course, some do.


Soulmate relationships all seem to come with obstacles, and abandonment issues can be a real challenge. The more you and your soulmate understand these issues, the better chance you have of overcoming them. If you have abandonment issues and fears perhaps this soulmate relationship came into your life to help you heal it once and for all.


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